Japan Textile Federation

Japan Textile Federation (JTF) is an organization that was established in 1970 based on the need to deal with U.S. regulations imposed on cotton products and mounting calls for the introduction of regulations on imported wool and manmade fiber products.? In recent years, JTF has launched activities in consideration of the tough economic conditions in the industry in response to structural, trade and taxation issues as well as other problems of the time, for example by filing policy requests to the government and other institutions, collecting information and materials, and conducting exchanges with relevant international organizations.

Under these circumstances, JTF has conducted various activities based on its basic guideline of “Creation and Reliability” to “recreate” the textile industry into a “total industry that combines production with marketing” as it seeks to further solidify the relationship among its members based on “trust”.? In recent years, JTF has presented constructive policy proposals and stepped up its capabilities for participation and action on diverse challenges including “positive response to trade issues,” “reinforcement of information dissemination capacity and brand power,” “approaches to product safety and environmental problems,” “development of new materials, new products, new technology and new applications, and creation of new markets,” “securing and training of human resources,” and “taxation issues.”

The textile industry is an industry with tradition. ?Based on an awareness of the need to maintain its strong international competitiveness towards the realization of industry revitalization, JTF will powerfully promote activities on the “offense” side while building an environment conducive to the strengthening of its “defense.”

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